Craft Books Vs. You Tube
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Craft Books Vs. You Tube

The book shelves are full of all the most recent craft and pattern books, and a lot of the not recent books as well. For years the books have been purchased for education, instruction and pattern ideas.

The book shelves are full of all the most recent craft and pattern books, and a lot of the not recent books as well.  For years the books have been purchased for education, instruction and pattern ideas.  The truth is, the book arrives and we flip thru the pages in awe; admittedly there will be maybe five patterns or projects that will actually be done.  This can sure elevate the price of what was once thought of as a good purchase when you break down the cost of the book to the patterns that you will actually use.

Still there are many techniques that you have seen and would like to try but are just not quite sure how the process was actually done.  Where do you get those answers and instructions, another $30.00 book?   You can simply type interest in your Google search bar and when the listing comes up that has a YouTube video, well jack pot!  If you can find one YouTube video on the technique you would like to learn, there is probably a few hundred more for you to choose from.  What does this do for us?  No more projects go unfinished because we didn't understand the directions.

By no means am I suggesting that we do away with our books or magazines, there is no substitute for the picture and directions laying in front of us at our work or craft area.  What I am suggesting is that you don't miss out on unique techniques, money saving tips and great ideas that you may not have thought of yet, or ever!

I am also suggesting that many hundreds of dollars can be saved by searching the internet, which you pay for anyhow.  These instructional videos can give you detailed information in half the time of trying to read and figure out a pattern or instructions.  Not all but many of the videos are very clear with instruction and will also list the tools used, which company makes them and the best places to purchase them, or even they can be found at your local craft store.

So keep the books but there is no need to spend money on books that you are not absolutely in love with.  Many of the same information can be found online and take only a few minutes to digest.  Subscribing to the video makers sites or blogs can also provide you with a wealth of information.  Honestly, it is like taking a class online with out the drive and the price of the class.  These videos are a blessing to the new crafter and those of you with a great deal of knowledge, there is always something new to learn.

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Comments (4)
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Not only YouYube but there are many do-it-yourself instructional videos and step by step tutorials available online.

I usually get caught up in the video that are from YouTube but I always go thru Google. There are many, you are correct. Thank you for reading.

Books are handy references but I do like instructional videos.

Very interesting article