Having Fun with Faces in Paper
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Having Fun with Faces in Paper

No matter how old you are you will definitely be delighted with this simple and yet fun way of working with printed faces in paper.

This may be an old paper trick that many old folks are familiar with especially for those who are pre-computer or pre-Photoshop age. But for the sake of the Newbie, here is one paper trick that is very cheap and is a readily available resource that any one can gather and implement in just a very few seconds! This is especially delightful to young kids when presented to them well.

So let's start having fun.

First, you need to have in hand a paper with a picture of a person's face on it. Make sure the face of the person is big enough and is in a facing position with at least both ears visible. That is important since that will be the key to this trick.

Sample face on paper

Figure 1 - Sample face

Now having that picture in hand, without making any changes to the picture, choose someone without any knowledge about this trick and ask him/her the question: "Make this person's face change from a very sad face to an extremely happy face!". Give them time to figure it out. If they can't figure it out then that gives you the center stage to show case your trick.

Here's how the trick works.

First, hold the paper in a position where the face in the paper picture is facing you. See figure 1 above.

Now, fold the paper vertically with the fold right on the middle of the face. When folding, the face should be on the inside fold. See figure 2 below.

Fold on the middle

Figure 2 - Fold in the middle

On left leaf of the fold, make an opposite vertical fold this time the fold line should pass along the middle of the eye of the face (left eye of the face). See figure 3 below.

Fold on the left

Figure 3 - Parallel fold on the left

Do the same on the right leaf of the first fold by letting the fold line pass along the middle of the right eye of the face.

Now that's it! Just like I mentioned it only takes a few seconds. Folded picture should now resemble the figure below.

Fold on the right

Figure 4 - Parallel fold on the left

This is where the fun begins. By now you have already an idea how the trick works. To make the face extremely happy or sad, incline the paper forward or backward. Be sure the folds are stretched out a little bit for the face to be visible. The more inclined the picture is the more extremely happy or sad the face will be. See the results from the following figures below.

Extremely Happy

Figure 5 - An extremely funny face

extremely sad

Figure 6 - An extremely sad face

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