How To Craft A Cheap Halloween Mask
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How To Craft A Cheap Halloween Mask

Here are the "how to" instructions on Halloween mask making made simply and cheaply too. Enjoy the fun creating a Halloween mask for the holiday season with these step by step craft ideas.

With the Internet opening up all sorts of images, templates and formats, you are sure to find exactly what you and your child desire to make a Halloween mask.

Tools to create a decorative Halloween mask

1. A pair of sharp scissors

You will supervise the correct use of scissors while you are helping. Choose a stout pair that will easily cut cardboard. If you will be in complete control of the cutting, utility, hobby knives, sometimes called X-acto work well. This is not a tool for the child to handle at any age.

2. Clean cardboard

Select cardboard from any source. It might be a cereal box, an empty box that a package arrived from the U. P. S. man or a colored piece of oak tag from the local K-Mart, Wal-Mart or dollar store.

3. Magic markers of assorted colors and a pencil.

4. String to secure the mask in place when finished.

5. Elmer's glue, a hot glue gun that you will be monitoring closely when it is used or a glue stick.

6. A blank sheet of white paper from your computer, copier or fax machine.

7. Decorations to apply to mask project.

Steps to start paper crafting of mask

1. Select the face mask of your choice from a book, computer or magazine.

2. Draw your plans for the mask on the clean sheet of paper.

3. Determine if your mask will be a full face mask or just one to cover the eyes and forehead. This is your practice piece, so you will be ready to transfer it onto your cardboard when it is complete. It can also be glued right onto the cardboard mask once the shape is determined on the firm cardboard.

How to create the image of the mask

1. Gather seashells, macaroni shells, food pieces such as dried peas, rice or anything you want to use for your homemade mask design.

2. Use your template and paste your decorative pieces on the Halloween mask. Let your child fill in with magic marker colors according to your child's ideas.

3. Construct your thoughts, but if an idea is a second thought; no worries, just do another one since it will be a cheap mask and cost very little to make another one.

When happy with the end result, place a hole on the sides of the mask to hold the knotted string. This will hold the mask in place over the ears.

Happy Halloween with your DIY mask!

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A fun fall project too!

Excellent project to vote up.

A charming article with great practical advice.

An excellent article for this time of year. Well done.

It must be fun to craft one. I'll try to do it.

My nephews and niece would love creating such masks. I'll share this to them..

Very nice. I like this one.

Very timely DIY project, Rob.

My kids will like this.voted

A most excellent how to :D I love this time of year, with the colours outside and festivities all around. Great read, Roberta xx

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What great ideas! Thanks Roberta.