How to Wrap a Present in a Fabulous Way?
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How to Wrap a Present in a Fabulous Way?

There are a few unique but simple ideas of wrapping gifts with available material. Its no rocket science you can do it home. Just be creative and imaginative and there you have it.

Do you wish to have a wonderful gift wrapping for your dear ones every time you present them somthing. If you have a look at today's gift wrappings there are countless to choose from which are no more limited to paper only. Now you can have them in fabric, plastic, knitted cloth pieces and woven cane patches etc. Some are decorated with metal, plastic or wooden ornaments. Colored pieces of mirror are also patterned esthetically. Dry flowers are used as well which look fabulous. The good thing about being creative is it gives you unlimited options to play with your mind and skills to produce a craft and an art piece. Its about combining different media together to generate something different and unique.

Now you can wrap a present with simple stuff to turn it into extraordinarily special one for your beloved, friend or child. They will just love it. Besides you will also feel great to make it.

Things Needed

  • Wrapping sheet
  • sticky tape
  • glue stick
  • glue gun
  • metal ornaments
  • dry flowers or leaves

 Wrap the box with the sheet and finish the edges with the cellophane tape; pressing well to let all the air bubbles pass through allowing it to stick firmly. Now make any motif in your mind and with the help of glue gun start arranging those metal pieces randomly according to the design you imagined. You can follow a certain pattern or an alphabet of your friend's name. Make stars or heart whatever you like the most. Allow it to cool down and stick well. Now let it stay untouched for a while and it is done. Additionally it can be wrapped with a ribbon but that is quite an old style. Paste a card with your name and wish at one corner but its optional. Paper ribbons work fine and are available in many textures and colors. Wrap in a nice fahsion that is pleasing and interesting.

Butterflies on the box

Stuff required

  • yellow wrapping sheet or glaze paper
  • purple sheet
  • sticky tape
  • glue
  • small scissors

This one is simpler than the first technique but looks really nice and is done within no time. Wrap the gift box with yellow sheet. Stick the edges well with the glue or tape. Now carefully draw the silhouettes of butterfly on purple sheet. Cut along the outline. Fold it at the center and stick on the box with the crease end down. Do it the same way for rest of the paper butterflies to fill the surface. It will look like many butterflies sitting and ready to fly as they spread the wings. Make the size small and place with a proper distance. Stick well. You can choose any color of your choice. For valentine's it can be red. For a baby girl and a boy it can be pink and sky blue respectively. No restriction of colors. Neutral will also look equally attractive. You can dust shiny powder if you like but this alone is enough. There is an incredibly simple but decent idea to make your wrapping attractive and likeable. Get a plain sheet or a glaze paper on the gift box. Simply wrap it agin all over with the transparent sheet wiht any motif or a cellophane sheet of your favorite color.Its really fancy and quick to do.

if you dont feel like working with elaborate designs just get a plastic net sheet and nealty pack the gift with it. Isn't is lovely?

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